Dakota Granite

Dakota Granite Company was incorporated in June 1925 as a wholesale quarrier/fabricator of Dakota Mahogany monuments.
Approximently Weight 51,500 lbs
Height: 7’9” Width: 9’ Depth: 8’9”
Dakota Granite Company has been producing mausoleums since 1957. In those 40+ years, our mausoleums have been equated with quality because of the special touches that we provide - things like a FULL PERPETUAL WARRANTY, a virtually vandal proof ROLL TOP MAUSOLEUM, and ALL GRANITE CONSTRUCTION.

Balconi 126 x 114 x 105 53,000 lbs.

Hogg 126 x 114 x 105 55,411 lbs
Private Estates
Cold Spring Private Estates has served most of the most prominent families in North America and around the world and stands ready to serve you
Granite Rainbow
Approximently Weight 470,000 Lbs
Height: 18’4” Width: 32’8” Depth: 27’6”
Granite: Sierra White
Approximently Weight: 400,000 Lbs
Height: 21’ Width: 25’2” Depth: 22’9"

Granite: Lac du Bonnet
Approximently Weight: 147,000 Lbs
Height: 12’9” Width: 16’6” Depth: 12’8”

Granite: Sierra White
Approximently Weight: 230,000 Lbs
Height: 17’ Width: 19’2” Depth: 16’4”