The Dynasty Collection   CERES

Granit-Bronz has developed The Dynasty Collection design with a sincere desire to offer you a wide selection of distinctive memorials of the highest quality.

An Expression of Beauty

The hand craftsmanship and attention to the delicate details of every memorial in The Dynasty Collection assure you that your selection forever expressed the dignity of a worthy life.

The two-part design depicts the metamorphosis of the butterfly.  From the security of the cocoon, shown on the left, to the moment of freedom when its wings first touch the air, the butterfly symbolizes the beauty of moving through changes.  The cascade of flowers, delicately created by our artists, compliments the scene of rebirth.

Complete The Memorial With: Patrician Vase

The invertible Patrician Vase, cast in imperishable bronze, adds a finishing touch to your selected memorial.  Its unique design properly supports floral bouquets, and nests securely within a recessed container when not needed.  The decorative base compliments the design of an memorial.


There are three different kind of edges to choose from.

Rock Rock